Dental Lamp XENOS

The new shadowless Diplomat Xenos LED lamp enables the use of all advantages of the light source of the third millennium. LED technology represents the state-of-the-art in cool lighting sources, and its outstanding characteristics include: high light output up to 30,000 lx enabling the viewer to see even the smallest details clearly with minimum power consumption, pleasant and natural white light with the hue of a sunny day at 5500K, or the extraordinary long life-time of the light medium. The Xenos lamp offers contactless control of two levels of light intensity by means of built-in sensors. By excluding the contact switching, you increase hygiene and reduce the risk of contamination for the device. An accurate setting of the light beam is enabled also by the rotary three-axis joint with which you can turn the light in all directions.

Power supply 34 V DC ± 10%
Maximum power input 10 W
Type of shock protection Class II equipment
Optimum light spot in the distance of 0,7 m
Nominal dimensions of the light spot max. 70 x 160 mm
Correlated colour temperature 3 700 – 4 000 K
Light intensity 8 000 Lx – 26 000 Lx
Weight 1 kg ± 0,1 kg
Force on handle necessary for manipulation max. 30 N