Model Pro. The next gen dental unit.

Model Pro.
Red Dot Winner 2021.

The world’s first fully digital dental unit.
Designed by a team of ergonomics researchers, craftsmen and technology innovators.

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The Model Pro’s been designed with “improving your daily workflow” as its primary concern.

Ergonomy & Design

Advanced ergonomic design to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency for everyone in the room – dentists, dental teams, and patients.

Connect Technology

Digital interface via an integrated tablet app to manage everything from chair configuration and control to remote diagnostics, plus a whole lot more.

Improved Workflow

Exceptional detail and pioneering features combine to create optimally smooth and efficient workflow. The ordinary just got extraordinary.

It’s like having a new team member in the room.

The Model Pro is the first fully digital dental unit in the world. Use interface integrated Connect App to access patient data, automate the unit and set up your smart instruments.

Simplicity, flexibility, convertibility.

The result of five years of in-depth research, Model Pro is an ergonomic masterpiece designed to benefit both the dental team and your patients.

Ergonomic design for optimal comfort and workflow efficiency.

Ample space and accessibility.

Smart technical solutions.

convertibility from right- to left-handed configuration.

Integrated Connect Technology

Control your tools, access patient data, automate your dental unit.

Intuitive and user-friendly touch panel.

Bluetooth enabled for remote control.

remote firmware updates and digital diagnostics.

Customizable interface.

Supports third-party apps.

Unlimited number of users…

RED DOT AWARD: Slovak design from Diplomat Dental scored in the world.

The family company Diplomat Dental, based in Piešťany, attracted an international jury and, under the baton of CEO Tomáš Nerad, won the prestigious Red Dot Award in the “product design” category for innovation in the form of a digital dental unit controlled by Diplomat Connect, also developed in Dental Diplomat.

"From the beginning, we wanted to prepare a dental unit that will excel in design compared to the competition. Achieving a Red Dot was unimaginable for me, it was something that only the best and much bigger companies received. We searched for the right design for a long time, we canceled two prototypes completely and started again. Only when we replaced the designers, built another prototype, we began to be satisfied with the result. At that time, I think that Mr. Miček from the Werkemotion studio said for the first time: "this is for Red Dot award". From then on, we started dreaming about it a bit. I am very proud that our Model Pro has won such a prestigious world award ”

Tomáš Nerád, CEO of Diplomat Dental.

"We have developed the shape of the new dental unit together with specialists in the development of car seat ergonomics. We used their rich expertise with ergonomics and created a shape in which the patient feels comfortable even during longer procedures. The Digital control system of the dental unit significantly simplifies communication with the patient, speeds up the doctor's access to all necessary data about the patient and thus significantly shortens the time of the procedure. However, it was also important for us to create a clean and simple design, which looks comfortable and soothing at first glance, and does not evoke unpleasant emotions"

Tomáš Nerád, CEO of Diplomat Dental.

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