Love at the first seat.

Here’s how your dentistry turns from ordinary to extraordinary.
Sharp, modern look from award-winning designers. Attractive, more than 50 colour sets to choose from. Compact dimension which easily fits in in small consulting rooms. UV resistance paintings and robust materials combined with its smart technology will enrich your daily work life for many years to come.

Ergonomic design for optimal patient positioning.

Model Pro inspires with incredibly advanced ergonomic features
Model Pro inspires with incredibly advanced ergonomic features. The synchronized chair movement of the seat and backrest, for example, allows patient to feel relaxed during the whole treatment. It also ensures optimal work positions. Dentist`s and assistant`s element including tray tables are always in the right position to reach any instrument for a comfortable work experience. 3-D-headrest with manual or pneumatic adjustment, articulated and foldable armrests, multifunctional, programable foot controller: Welcome to the ergonomic world of Diplomat Dental.

Convertibility is the surname of Model PRO.

You can convert from left to the right in a few seconds. Easy, fast, without any tools or additional parts. Suitable for right- and left-handed users.

Modern Master Piece.

Symmetrical design, advanced and practical features.

For the patients comfort and an efficient treatment, Model Pro unit includes movable bowl with optimal rotation within 120 degrees to the patient and out. The bowl rotation, cup filling and bowl rinsing can be easily controlled through tablet interface. In addition, the cup holder can include 2 sensors, which indicate cup presence and water level. The water bottle system in size of 1,3L is integral part of each unit as standard. Central water supply switch can be installed upon request as well. Removable bowl with smooth surface is easy to clean and disinfect.

Very stable. Very easy to adjust. Very helpful.

Mechanic or pneumatic version? Five or six instruments? It’s totally up to you.
The pantographic arm at our unit is designed for the best possible accessibility, stability, and smooth positioning. This is possible thanks to the ball-bearing joints of the arm together with mechanical brake. Optional pneumatic brake allows you to adjust the dentist element with just one hand. Very stable, yet very easy to adjust.

So ergonomic, so practical.
So Pro.

Enhance your dentist table. With upper or lower hose delivery system.

Available in the version with 5 or even 6 instruments, the smooth and practical design of the dentist table ensures intuitive work and all the instruments at the reach of your hand. It doesn´t matter if you choose upper or lower hose delivery.
Matter of course, is the fact, that the upper hose delivery system can be equipped with a whip lock mechanism.

Diplomat Dentalunit Assistant

Exceed your expectations. Because a simple Workflow always matters.

The assistant arm is available in a simple or pantographic version, with five or even six instruments. The flexible arm of Model PRO will always be at the right place for you or your assistant. The arm can be equipped with basic controllers for cup filling and bowl rinsing, or even with full control panel with all necessary controllers for an assistant to simplify the dentist’s work.

Pantographic version is suitable for both two handed and four handed operations and allows optimal positioning of suction hoses or instruments during any procedure. Besides suction hoses there is option of syringe, curing light or intra oral camera to be mounted on assistant arm.

Simplify your daily routine.

Rely on the best and get your work started. Our advanced model can accommodate any suction system you would like. DRY systems like Cattani, Durr CS1 or amalgam separators Metasys MST1 or Durr CAS1 are available.

WET systems made of Durr valves can be installed as well.
Suction hoses have integrated a double selection valve activation system, so the only one you use is active. Infection control system is fully integrated so suction hoses can be flushed after each patient to get ready for next one in moments.

Diplomat Dental Connectors

Upgrade your dental unit. Downgrade your stress level.

Don’t worry about your external devices. Just connect them.
For external or table top devices, Model PRO can be equipped with quick connectors for water, air and power socket. This smart technology allows easy connection to any external device – and focusing on treatment.

Diplomat Dentalunit

100% Comfort. 0% Compromise

Reduce patient anxiety with a whole new world of comfort.
Thanks to the ergonomic and luxurious design of Model PRO, patients feel immediately relaxed during any treatment. The highest quality of upholstery which is available in a seamless or stitched version with memory foam padding provides endless comfort to any patient.


Spotlight on. Shadows off.

Illuminate your workplace in every aspect.
Manage the treatment LED light from three different positions of the dental unit (dentist, assistant or foot controller) or via sensor for highest hygiene and ergonomics. This shadow less light system is characterized by its outstanding natural day light color and maximum intensity of 30.000 lux – in order to protect your eyes during all day and any treatments.

Diplomat Dental foot-control

Your new best friend.

Step on it. Or move it.
Our multifunctional foot controller is made to be your new best friend. Intuitive controlling of all important and advanced functions are ready to be used in the time when your hands are busy.

The right/left movement ensures ergonomic work during the whole treatment. All settings such as run instrument with or without cooling water, chair movement and buttons for extra features are simply programmable by the user via tablet interface. Available in standard or wireless version – for a cable-free floor and much more liberty of action around the unit.

Safe. Safer. Model PRO.

Feel safe and switch. To Model PRO.
All our products are designed with safety in mind. Safety switches will take care of all non-standard situations and prevent collisions and any possible accident.


No chance for germs. Highest hygiene standards for you and your patient.

Model PRO provides an automate infection control solution with fully integrated Metasys WEK system inside of the unit. It guarantees a continual disinfection and cleaning of all water lines and hoses (instruments, cup filling, bowl rinsing). It also protects contamination of central water in compliance with European standards EN1717.

Diplomat Dentalunit Filter

Lots of services. Less headache.

Easy handling, hassle-free maintenance: Discover Satisfaction.
Suction system filters of Model PRO are easily accessible from outside. Clean and replaced within 10 seconds. No central water supply? No problem! You don’t need to reach and touch the distilled water bottle anymore – the filling is done from the top of cuspidor. Topping up the distilled water became fast and safe.

Diplomat Dentalunit grounding

Easy grounding less installation.

Don’t worry about installation.
Due to the special design of chair, non-convertible models can be installed without grounding of the system. This solution is ideal for places, where any drilling into floor is not allowed.

Diplomat Dentalunit

"Last a lifetime-long" - Mission: Completed

Made for life, made for you.
Model PRO is made of Superior Quality Materials: Robust zinced frame of the chair and superior solid materials for long durability and excellent stability against UV radiation. We created design and surface with very high care. And with attention to very high hygiene standards needs.

Diplomat Dental

Make a wish. Or two, or three, or four.

Don’t just get what’s available – customize it!

We create Model PRO, we produce Model PRO. Of course, we customize Model PRO to suit your needs. In every aspect. Nothing is impossible: From any mechanical adjustments up to a wide range of unique color schemes of the dental unit. Free up your mind and choose your customized unit for your work to turn it into a daily pleasure experience.

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