Meet the next gen dental unit that will simplify your clinic’s workflow.

Model Pro. The world’s first fully digital dental unit. Far more than just a dental chair; this is a flagship of intelligent working in the 21st century.

Benefit from a smoother workflow, easier maintenance, improved efficiency and enhanced comfort.

It’s like having a new team member in the room.

Ergonomy & Design

Advanced ergonomic design to ensure optimal comfort and efficiency for everyone in the room – dentists, dental teams, and patients.

Connect Technology

Digital interface via an integrated tablet app to manage everything from chair configuration and control to remote diagnostics, plus a whole lot more.

Improved Workflow

Exceptional detail and pioneering features combine to create optimally smooth and efficient workflow. The ordinary just got extraordinary.

Smart technical solutions are reflected in easy, intuitive and smooth operational functions.

Meet a Pioneer in the Connected Dental Workspace

Simplicity, flexibility, convertibility.

Ergonomic design for optimal comfort and workflow efficiency.
The result of five years of in-depth research, Model Pro is an ergonomic masterpiece
designed to benefit both the dental team and your patients.


Immediate, easy convertibility from right- to left-handed configuration eliminates time-consuming and frustrating clinic set-ups.

easy maintenance

Ample space and accessibility for easy maintenance are consciously designed features.


Meticulous seat design ensures optimal support and comfort for patients of all shapes and sizes.

Complex needs, simplistic solutions, maximum comfort.

Powerful yet simple. Digitize and connect your practice; optimize your workflow.

Integrated Connect Technology

Control your tools, access patient data, automate your dental unit.

Every Model Pro unit is controlled and managed via our integrated Connect App technology. Use your own tablet to automatically set up the chair with individual user-configurations, control all chair elements and smart instruments, perform simple – and remote – maintenance, and even customize it so as to access patient data, x-rays, photos, and more.

Intuitive and user-friendly touch panel.

Bluetooth enabled for remote control.

Facilitates easier maintenance through remote firmware updates and digital diagnostics.

Customizable interface.

Supports third-party apps for advanced patient support and education.

Unlimited number of users…

Powerful yet simple. Digitize and connect your practice; optimize your workflow.


Learn more: > Connect App
Find out how the Model Pro can transform your practice


Here are some of the cool features of the Model Pro, designed to make your day easier…

The Power of Ergonomics & Design.

Easy Convertibility

Effortlessly convert from left to right in just 30 seconds. Easy, fast, no tools, no additional parts – it’s a rapid and simple one-person job. Sharing a unit within a clinic just got a whole lot easier. Its easy convertibility doesn’t mean you need to compromise, either. The unit can be outfitted with as many tools and whatever complexity of equipment you need – anything is possible!

Diplomat Dentalunit

100% Comfort.
0% Compromise

Our chair ensures maximum patient comfort, reducing their anxiety as well as physical strain, and their (plus your!) levels of stress. Researched down to the finest of details and designed to support an impressive 200kg weight capacity, Model Pro’s ergonomic design, highest-quality upholstery, and memory foam padding all combine to allow for endlessly comfortable yet firm patient positioning for all different body types (height, size, weight), and for extended periods of time.

So ergonomic, so smooth,
so practical. So Pro.

Our incredibly advanced ergonomic features ensure optimal work positions and comfort for the dental team, too.

Your chair can be configured with up to six instruments, and the design of the dentist table ensures intuitive work with all your instruments in the right position, at the reach of your hand – it doesn’t matter if you choose upper or lower hose delivery. A 3D-headrest with manual or pneumatic adjustment, articulated and foldable armrests, and a multifunctional and programmable foot controller are all just standard features.

Better still, a pneumatic spring and rolling bearings mean movements are wonderfully smooth. There’s no pull back by your whips, thanks to a completely new construction and re-balancing of instruments, meaning no strain on your arms and wrists whatsoever. And vibrations are minimized through transfer from the chair to the rest of the unit, enhancing stability.

Diplomat Dental foot-control

Get your feet in on the action.

Our multifunctional, programmable foot controller is likely to become your new best friend, thanks to giving you intuitive control of all important and advanced functions in those moments when your hands are busy.

Chair movements, left/right controls, running instruments with or without cooling water, activating lights, and various other features can all be programmed easily and according to each user’s individual preferences, via the tablet interface. Enjoy a cable-free floor, and much more freedom of action around the unit.

Everyone needs a little space

We haven’t forgotten about your team either, no matter if that’s one assistant or a full team doing complex surgery. Thanks to the well-designed base, arm, and body of the Model Pro unit, there‘s more than enough space for multiple people to work around the chair comfortably, effectively, and efficiently.

Simplifying your daily maintenance.

Maintenance may be mundane, but it’s important. So we made sure to simplify those tasks for you, too.

Diplomat Dental Metasys

Let’s talk suction.

Our advanced model can accommodate any suction system you would like: DRY systems like Cattani, Durr CS1, or amalgam separators Metasys MST1 or Durr CAS1 are available, and WET systems made of Durr valves can be installed as well. Suction hoses have an integrated double-selection valve activation system, so only the one you use is active.


Model Pro provides an automated infection control solution with a fully integrated Metasys WEK system inside the unit. It guarantees a continual disinfection and cleaning of all water lines and hoses (instruments, cup filling, bowl rinsing). It also protects contamination of central water in compliance with European standards EN1717.
Diplomat Dentalunit Filter

Hassle-free, headache-free maintenance.

The Model Pro’s suction system filters are easily accessible from outside, meaning they can be cleaned and replaced within 10 seconds. No central water supply? No problem! You don’t need to reach and touch the distilled water bottle anymore – the filling is done from the top of the cuspidor. Topping up the distilled water just became both fast and safe.
Diplomat Dental Connectors

Upgrade your dental unit. Downgrade your stress level.​

Model Pro’s smart technology allows easy connection to any external or tabletop devices. The unit can be equipped with quick connectors for water, air, and power sockets, so you can simply connect any external devices.

No problem.

Service to suit the modern world

Thanks to integrated technology that provides remote diagnostics, errors can be easily
detected and addressed before they cause disruptions – often completely remotely.
Real-time information and automatic software updates result in a smooth flow of your daily
work. Future improvements become easier to identify and plan. It’s all designed to be as
simplistic and efficient as the rest of the unit.

Designed for You. Designed to Last.

Diplomat Dental

Make a wish… or two, or three, or four.

We created Model Pro for you. So, of course, we’ll customize it to suit your personal and unique needs, too. Nothing is impossible: from any mechanical adjustments up to a wide range of unique colour schemes, the unit can be customized in just the way you need (or want) it.

Planning for the future.

Not only is the Model Pro designed to last a lifetime thanks to its superior quality materials and careful design. It’s also designed to be upgradable. Retrofit features, not even in existence yet, will be created so as to be available to existing units. You often won’t even need a technician to fit it.

Diplomat Dentalunit

There’s more…

From safety features to lighting options to cup-holder sensors, there’s a whole lot we’ve not even covered here. The Model Pro is a masterpiece in innovation and design, with every aspect of your daily workflow identified, analyzed, and solved.

The Model Pro will turn your dental practice from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We assure you, for you and your patients… It’ll be love at first seat.