Diplomat LUX DL320

Diplomat Lux DL320 – tailored to your own needs

The Diplomat Lux DL320 dental unit is designed for the most demanding dentists. The combination of refined ergonomics, progressive design and hi-end technologies results in a truly unparalleled performance. This unit is equipped with a 7-inch multi-language color capacity touch screen display with an intuitive menu structure for the effortless navigation, control and adjustment of handpieces and the unit’s parameters, electro pneumatic brakes, electronically controlled spittoon bowl and integrated power unit into the chair. Dental professionals will surely appreciate the upgraded software and integrated electronics enabling electronic control of brushless motors, the surgical motor with peristaltic pump and the system of automatic disinfection of waterlines and decontamination system of suction hoses.

Ergonomic design, perfect access to the patient and all accessories at your fingertips: everything you and your assistant need to work comfortably and perform at your best.

DL320 Dentist’s element

The dentist’s element is arm-mounted. The arm is supplied with an integrated electro-pneumatic brake system enabling easy repositioning. A capacious tray-table allows you to keep all your accessories at your fingertips. You can control the unit, handpieces and other accessories or customize the settings using 7-inch multi-language color capacity touch-screen display on the control panel.

CART Version
We also offer the Diplomat Lux DL320 dental unit in a special mobile Cart version with an adjustable height panel.

Power supply 230 V ± 10%
Maximum power input at 230 V/50 Hz 450 VA + 10%
Input air pressure from 0.45 to 0.8 MPa
Input water pressure from 0.3 to 0.6 MPa
Dental unit weight (netto) – carried 90 kg + max. 20 kg acc. to version
Type of shock protection Class I equipment
Degree of shock protection Applied parts of B type
Water temperature for the cup 25 – 45 °C (with heater fitted)
Tray table recommended max. load 1.5 kg
Side table recommended max. load 3 kg
Packaging dimensions (length/width/height) 1580 x 1070 x 680 mm
Dental unit weight with packaging – carried 145 kg + max. 40 kg