Diplomat Adept DA170

New generation of stationary units

New versions of the DA170 (upper hose delivery system) dental unit are spittoon block mounted and allow vertical chair repositioning. The latest technology of the chair-repositioning mechanism grants effective chair repositioning and provides additional working comfort for the dentist and assistant. The original Diplomat design provides excellent ergonomics, reliability and will surely meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals. The units come together with a programmable chair featuring five programmable positions for two users separately. Both units can be equipped with either a fixed or swiveling spittoon bowl upon request.

Color Options
The selected components of the dental unit (spittoon bowl, upholstery, etc.) are available in various color alternatives according to the current catalogue.

DA170 Dentist’s element
The dentist’s element with upper instruments hose delivery system can be equipped with up to five instruments. The compact electronics allows handpiece arrangement according to personal preferences.

Assistant’s element
We offer the following versions of the assistant’s element: basic version with a single saliva ejector; three-position holder (optionally equipped with keyboard control) with large and small aspirators and possible further integration of multifunctional dental syringe or other instrument upon request.


Power supply230 V ± 10%
Maximum power input at 230 V/50 Hz1500 VA + 10%
Input air pressurefrom 0.45 to 0.8 MPa
Input water pressurefrom 0.3 to 0.6 MPa
Dental unit & chair weight (netto)145 kg + max. 25 kg acc.to version
Type of shock protectionClass I equipment
Degree of shock protectionApplied parts of B type
Water temperature for the cup33 ± 5 °C (with heater fitted)
Tray table recommended max. load0.5 kg
Side table recommended max. load3 kg
Dental chair 
– chair seat lifting range390 ± 10 mm ÷ 795 ± 20 mm
– back rest inclination angle (from vertical position)18° ± 2° ÷ 88° ± 3°
– patient load200 kg
– operating mode pressure1:16 (cycle e.g. 25 s run. 400 s rest)
– noise levelmax. 54 dB
Packaging dimensions (length/width/height)1370 x 920 x 1290 mm
Dental unit & chair weight with packaging210 kg + max. 40 kg