D10L Dental Stools

The D10L dental stools and “saddle” stools are designed to provide body comfort for dentists and assistants. The new modified stool construction helps maintain a correct, ergonomic posture also while working with a microscope. Upholstery is available in a wide range of colors giving our clients the opportunity to create a unique interior in their dental office. All D10L stools may be supplied with a fitted round foot-rest.


Permitted load by weight with the load point in the middle of the seat.135 kg
Weight of stool13 ± 1 kg
Minimum height of the stool seat470 ± 10 mm
Elevation of the stool195 ± 10 mm
Force necessary to adjust the seat to a lower position400 ± 50 N
Packaging dimensions585 x 250 x 600 mm

Height of the backrest with regard to the seat is adjustable in the range:

in the dentist´s version100 ± 10 ÷ 350 ± 10 mm
in the assistant´s version170 ± 10 ÷ 355 ± 10 mm
Force necessary to push the control levermax. 40 N
Time of elevation from minimum to maximum positionmax. 5s