The new next gen dental chair

Model Pro

You can't change your patients, but you can upgrade your dental chair.

High Quality

Turn your dental practice from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Wireless Bluetooth

Connecting a dentalchair has never been easier with high-end technology and amazing stability.


Life can be complicated. We think it should be simple. And that includes your dental office.

Which is why we created the Model Pro – a dental unit that’s so much more than just a dental unit.

It’s a solution.

It’s an extra team member.

It’s a flagship of intelligent working in the 21st century.

It’s so good, even your most annoying patients will seem less annoying…!

Benefit from a smoother workflow, easier maintenance, improved efficiency and enhanced comfort.

Want to know the core concept at the heart of our design? It’s YOU.

The Model Pro’s been designed with “improving your daily workflow” as its primary concern. Here’s how:

Connect Technology

everything from chair set-up and operation to easy and remote maintenance is controlled through an integrated tablet app. Plus, it’s fully customizable with third-party apps, making it almost limitless in its possibilities: now, you can digitize and connect every aspect of your practice. This is the first fully digital dental unit in the world, and it’s game-changing stuff.

Ergonomy & Design

every single aspect of the unit has been meticulously designed to make the experience optimally comfortable for everyone in the room. It means you’re happy, your patients are happy, and your team is happy. Simple, really.

YOUR Workflow

the combined result of every feature and detail means your ordinary routines are about to become extraordinarily smooth task flow and management. Everything you do, just got a whole lot easier

Model Pro. It’s the future of dentistry.

Want to bring 21st century efficiency to your practice?

Here’s what makes the Model Pro so good:


Not the chair itself. Just the way you use it… and the impact it has on your work. This chair will simplify your workflow and make your day (life) easier.

Digital Control

Fully controlled through a tablet using our Connect App, with individual log-ins for every user – ideal for shared practices. Enjoy automatic personalized configuration, progressive and streamlined operations, and easy and remote maintenance – all at the touch of a button. Better still, customize your interface with third-party applications and enjoy easier and streamlined access to your patient files, imagery, reservation systems, favourite playlists, or whatever else takes your fancy – making your unit a truly convenient, efficient, and centralized hub for all that you do (when you’re at work, that is).


Are you left- or right-handed? Who cares! Effortlessly reconfigure the chair in just 30 seconds. No tools, no additional parts, no hassle. Just better. It’s a game-changer for shared clinics.


Smooth, stable, spacious, intuitive. Everything is designed for your optimal workflow and enjoyment. No vibrations, no pull-backs from whips, no straining for instruments or working at awkward angles. Pneumatic, articulated, foldable, multifunctional adjustments for just about everything. Plus a programmable foot controller that’s likely to become your new best friend. No need to thank us, it’s our pleasure. (Actually, it’ll be your pleasure.)

Maintenance Technology

Automatic disinfection and decontamination systems are just the start of it. Mundane maintenance was considered, and has been made easier in every way.

Plus, there’s fully integrated technology and automatic remote diagnostics for easy online monitoring and maintenance of every unit. It means problems are noticed (and fixed) early, future improvements are made more easily, automatic upgrades are enabled, and dozens of phone calls to tech services are a thing of the past.​

It’s going to bring your patient’s comfort to another level…

More Excellent Ergonomics

Meticulously researched and designed to ensure optimal comfort and complete support for every single patient. It has memory foam padding, highest quality upholstery, a pneumatic 3D headrest with an impressive adjustment range of 380 to 815mm, adjustable armrests, backrest, movable bowls… and is designed to carry up to 200kg in weight… this really is a chair designed for every patient. Whatever their height, weight, age… it’s perfectly adaptable for all, and specifically designed to ensure comfort over long periods.

That Digital Control…
A digitized unit makes your life easier, and your unit far cooler, but it also makes your patient’s experience much better too. Not only do they benefit from the streamlined operations too, but as you can install all manner of third-party apps, you can use videos,imagery, or any other means you choose to teach and educate them in proper oral care techniques, all from the comfort of the chair.

It’s going to make your dental studio look cool as hell…

Stylish Design

Just because it’s a chair, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good.
Modern, sharp, luxurious, almost 50 different colours to choose from… it’s as pleasing on the eye as it is on your daily workflow. In fact, it looks so good you may be tempted to ask your patients to dress up for it.

And it’s going to suit you down to a ‘T’…

Fully Customizable

We said we designed this chair for you, and we meant it. All the very best bits come as standard. Other bits you can choose. Mechanic or pneumatic version? Five or six instruments? Upper or lower hose delivery? Simple or pantographic assistant arm? Basic or full control panel? Specific suction system? Whatever your particular nuances, whatever you think makes a unit cool as hell… we’ve got you covered.

We’d love to tell you more. This is only scratching the surface of how the Model Pro can simplify your clinic’s workflow and transform your dental practice…

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Model Pro


“The world’s first fully digital dental unit.
Designed by a team of ergonomics researchers, craftsmen and technology innovators.”

Diplomat Dental s.r.o.

Who Are We?

Diplomat Dental is a Slovak manufacturer with many decades of experience in dental manufacturing.

Our focus?
Innovation. Ergonomics. Design.

But we believe that they shouldn’t be “features”.They should be your minimum expectations.

It’s time to change the standards in dentistry. And we’re starting with the Model Pro.

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