Stomatologické stoličky


The ergonomics of the dental stool D10L enables the dentist and the assistant to perform the treatment comfortably while sitting. Wide offer of colour upholstery matching the dental chair creates colour harmony of the dentist´s surgery. A round foot-rest can be added to all D10L stools.

D10L stools are produced in four basic variants:
– dentist´s stool
– assistant´s stool
– horse seat
– stool to microscope

Permitted load by weight with the load point in the middle of the seat. 135 kg
Weight of stool 13 ± 1 kg
Minimum height of the stool seat 470 ± 10 mm
Elevation of the stool 195 ± 10 mm
Force necessary to adjust the seat to a lower position 400 ± 50 N
Packaging dimensions 585 x 250 x 600 mm
Height of the backrest with regard
to the seat is adjustable in the range:
in the dentist´s version 100 ± 10 ÷ 350 ± 10 mm
in the assistant´s version 170 ± 10 ÷ 355 ± 10 mm
Force necessary to push the control lever max. 40 N
Time of elevation from minimum to maximum position max. 5s