History and Tradition

During its eventful history of manufacturing dental equipment for more than 60 years, Diplomat Dental has earned itself a solid reputation as a top manufacturer.

Since 1997 our products have achieved continuous success on the international dental market. Our impressive product portfolio ranges from dental units, chairs, stools to lights and other accessories. All our products are made with comfort and excellence in mind and will surely meet the requirements of even the most demanding dental professionals.

It all started back in 1952 as a repair service for medical equipment produced by the Medical Mechanics (Liečební mechanika) factory in Prague. Some years later, Medical Mechanics changed its name to Chirana Prague and decided to move some selected production lines to a Piestany-based repair service factory, and so the history of medical equipment manufacturing got its start. In the meantime, the weapons production facility in Stara Tura had been converted to a medical equipment production facility – a more prospective industry for the post-war times. In the 60’s the former Czechoslovak government merged these two independent competing activities into a joint coordinated manufacturer of medical equipment, known as the Chirana Concern. Since the 1960’s the Piestany-based factory, in association with Chirana Stara Tura, has collaborated with other manufactures in the field of the development and production of medical equipment.

In 1990 the central government resigned and the country started a new political line. From the year 1997, Chirana-Dental Piestany, s.r.o. was reborn as a legal entity, carrying in itself a long and eventful history from the year 1952. We are proud to have such a background and are truly thankful to the Prague factory and Chirana Concern, which has been a very dynamic entity with well-established foreign trade branches and effective international co-operation.

Since 1997 Chirana-Dental has been concentrating solely on dental equipment manufacturing and on establishing commercial and service networks and began promoting the Diplomat brand to international markets. As Diplomat products were becoming more and more popular among dental professionals, the company’s capital and service resources have been increased significantly. In 2012, in order to be closer to our customers, we changed our name from Chirana-Dental to Diplomat Dental and started a new chapter in the company’s history.